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Dartford Heath parkrun - Plums takeover 18th December, 2021

Dartford Heath parkrun - Plums takeover 18th December, 2021
As the old proverb goes, "a Kent runners loss is a Plum Runners gain". It took possible subterfuge in the form of a brown envelope or most likely an unfortunate moment for the race leader who crossed the first lap over a minute ahead of his competition only to disappear down the wrong path and allow Duncan Platt from the Plums (Wilmington Trail Finders?) to bring home the glory. With Les Pullen propping up the rear, we achieved a Plum coming first and last on the day!

Some notable performances:

  • Carolyn for going to the Dartford Parkrun and still making it to cheer runners on
  • Penny for turning up with a haunted look induced by an evening that showed no mercy for daylight and fresh air
  • Hugo for turning up happy as pie, and setting the 22min pace
  • Callum isn't done with setting personal records as he came home in 21:56 putting a sprint on Hugo at the finish (Hugo will say he had to stick to 22)
  • Russell for pacing out 24mins in 25:45 and finishing 15 seconds ahead of Les the younger who paced 1sec over 26 mins due to a quick Irish jig on the line
  • Rob and Daniel put in great performances on the Heath

A huge thank you to your humble marshals:

  • Jim for arriving on time, and not giving me and Paul grief for being 30mins late
  • Jess and Lee for expertly downloading the app at the last minute to scan barcodes
  • Andy for dishing out the finish tokens
  • Paul for not teaching me how the stopwatch worked
  • Dave, Donna and Penny for getting a little cold and lonesome on the course

Thanks all!!
Gavin B.

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Plumstead Runners have several qualified 'Leadership in Running Fitness' members to help people go from 'couch to 5k', and with the rest of the qualified members, can help runners build their confidence and progress to running further in a friendly atmosphere. Please contact us via the website for further information.
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Kent Fitness League – Minnis Bay – Sunday 2nd January 2022
Thanet Roadrunners play host to the fourth match in the series. The route consists of one large lap and is a mixture of muddy footpaths and gravel trail... not forgetting the dreaded dykes in the last half mile. The recommended footwear would be trail shoes, but you might be okay in spikes. We will meet up at the Minnis Bay Bar and Brasserie (near to the start).

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